Why We Don't Sell Chewing Devices

The most effective and natural way to grow the jaw muscles is by chewing hard gum. There are many complex movements and processes that occur in the joints while chewing. With chewing devices the natural movement is disrupted, resulting in growth of some of the wrong muscle tissue which is not ideal for facial structure. And the joint issues associated with it is one of the main reasons doctors warn against using these devices.


We recommend you train your tongue to stay placed up against the roof of your mouth with your lips sealed at all times you are not chewing or speaking. This will expand your upper palate and help your jaw muscles guide good facial growth. When doing this correctly you should feel the tongue pressed up against the back and middle part of your mouth's roof, with the tip of your tongue lightly touching the front part right behind the top front teeth.

The Importance of Strong Jaw Muscles For Health

Stronger jaw muscles are not only beneficial for facial appearance but also essential for health. Strong jaw muscles promote correct oral posture: mouth closed, teeth aligned, tongue resting against the roof of mouth and stable head position. Correct oral posture has many important benefits such as breathing through the nose providing up to 20% more oxygen to your body. Having strong jaw muscles also reduces the effects of temporomandibular disorders which are disorders of the jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints and facial nerves. Strong jaw muscles are key to having the facial bones, muscles and joints all work together in harmony which can make you live much longer.

Our Face is Connected To The Body

Facial muscles are linked to how our entire body functions. Strong jaw muscles and good facial posture improves coordination and athletic performance.