Stronger Gum's Message to You

With our manufacturing partners, we strive to produce the best possible chewing gum for people to improve their facial appearance and health. We invite you to join our mission to spread awareness of the importance of chewing for functional and healthy lifestyles, as well as facial aesthetics, by becoming a Stronger Gum promoter as an athlete or ambassador.

Once you become a Stronger Gum Athlete or Ambassador:

You become a partner with Stronger Gum and receive your own link which you can share to people and get a fee of 4 USD per 120 piece box of gum that is sold through your link and YES, it's as good as it sounds! And once someone clicks your link to our shop (let's say it's your friend Jared), Jared's cookie data will tell us that he originated from your link, and you will still get your 4 USD fee for every purchase he makes even if he does not return to the store through your link. This can get very lucrative for you if many people have clicked on your link and become regular Stronger Gum chewers.

As a Stronger Gum Athlete/Ambassador you need to put "Stronger Gum Athlete (or Ambassador)" onto your social media bio and your link for the Stronger Gum website. This is not a strict requirement for everyone although it's recommended.

Requirements to apply to become a Stronger Gum Athlete or Ambassador:

You need to chew Stronger Gum for a minimum of 4 months (we verify this through your order history).

To be a SG Ambassador you must have means of spreading information online or in real life. Examples of online means include: Instagram/Facebook, Reddit,  gaming account, Youtube, blogs, etc.). To be a SG Athlete, you must have a hobby you excel at (gym, sports, gaming, etc.).