A Strong Jaw Can Change your Face
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A Strong Jaw Can Change your Face

Japanese Study Finds Chewing Can Grow Your Jaw Bone

It’s 2010, Milan Fashion Week, the sun beats down on my face. I've been standing in line for 3 hours. It's my first day as a Model at Milan "Summer Fashion Week." There are about 200 steaming models still ahead of me, waiting for hours in the baking Italian sun. The model ahead of me looks like a veteran. I can see his chiseled cheekbones casting a shadow over his constantly masticating jawbone. He's chewing gum like his life depended on it. Weird. Every few minutes he looks up at the sky with his eyes closed, opens his mouth wide, and slowly closes it again with visually visceral strain on his face. I think to myself: “Is he ok? Why can't he close his mouth. Why doesn't he stop chewing if he's in pain?” I look behind me, almost everyone is chewing gum. I look ahead... more cramping jaws, chomping in unison. Am I missing something? 

We finally get to the showroom to meet the client. The guy ahead of me, spits out a blob of gum. It's the largest blob of gum I've ever seen. As he walks into the room, he glances into a mirror, and flexes his jaw muscles as he walks by, they burst outward like a pair biceps.

That's when it dawns on me... he'd been giving his jaws a “PUMP” before his casting.

What I didn't know then is that I was witness to a secret insider trick…

But there’s a better way to get jacked jawlines… 

But first, let me explain why you want Jacked Jawlines:

Have you ever noticed how Hollywood stars and fashion models possess a captivating, distinct look that sets them apart from the average individual? Pay attention to the next fragrance advertisement you come across and ask yourself, what is it about that face that's so mesmerizing? The answer lies in the jawline. Our genetic makeup associates a strong jawline with power, status, vitality, and attractiveness. While other facial features like the nose, eyes, or lips might not be all too symmetrical, a prominent jawline remains a defining trait of confidence and sex appeal, while a weak jaw speaks to normalcy and plainness. You might think our subconscious is an unfair, shallow product of social programming, but it may signal something deeper. 

Perhaps, in fact, it signifies the age-old symbol of a masculine warrior. Historically, warriors, like those in Genghis Khan's army, who were tasked with protecting and leading, didn't sustain themselves on soft, processed foods. Instead, their diet consisted of tough dried meats, nuts and bone marrow, accessible only through a powerful bite capable of breaking through the likes of buffalo bone. This natural environmental need for strength and endurance shaped their jawlines, a legacy that continues to influence our perceptions of attractiveness and authority today. Lucky for you, the human jawbone is not just a static feature, but a dynamic one, able to respond to the “chewing” environment it's exposed to. 

The Science:

A study conducted by the University of Kent shows that chewing harder foods causes the jaw to grow in response to pressure put on it, the same way that working out keeps the bones of the arms and legs stronger. Also highlighted by a recent study by researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, and Kyoto University. Their findings, published in Scientific Reports, provide incredible insights into how the jawbone's shape can change in response to increased masticatory force. In the Japanese study, mice were fed harder foods to increase chewing force. This "hard diet" led to a significant increase in the width of the masseter muscle, vital for “chewing”, and an elevated activation of the motor cortex of the brain, which controls these muscles. In simple terms, not just the muscle, but the jaw bone itself underwent significant morphological changes when exposed to an increase in chewing force. 


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